Psychotherapy mental health counseling in Las Vegas

Welcome to the Las Vegas Grief and Loss Counseling Center. This center was created for the purpose of helping those in the community of Las Vegas who experience painful and tragic moments. Grief is one of those emotions that leave us wanting less pain and more answers. While I may not have all of the answers,  I can provide a structured approach through grief and loss that will feel safe and put the heart back into your life. My goal is to help you complete the unfinished business in your relationships. ​

Grief comes in many packages whether your loss is from a recent or long past death, long-term chronic illness, suicide, divorce, financial loss, job loss, identity loss, addictions loss, mental health loss and pet loss.  If you are exhausted from grief and loss, then I can help you.

As of March 1, 2018 Las Vegas Grief and Loss has moved to a new location, 6887 A West Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, 89117. Located in the Executive Park West Complex just West of Rainbow. Blvd. I am a board approved supervisor for MFT CPC interns.  I currently have 4 openings.

With continued tragic events Dr. Hart has found a niche with helping local business deal with the Grief and Loss of a co worker, friend, and or loved one. In a group setting Dr. Hart can help your team, group, or organization with the process of recovery from a loss, moving everyone forward. 


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Loss creates new meaning

Values transcend and create hope

Grief is longing for a loved one's presence

Love is to open oneself to grief and loss

Compassion upholds resilience

Courage to claim unique


Dr. Yvonne Hart, Psy. D.
6887 West Charleston STE A
Las Vegas, NV  89117
PH:  702/580-4912