·        We help individuals, couples, and families to complete the loss they have experienced.



·        We help you to regain and define what normal is.



·        We address not only feelings of loss, but negative thought patterns, behavioral challenges, and addictive patterns that compromise daily living.



·        We foster emotional and spiritual growth.



·        We educate on coping skills and strategies.






·        We offer consultation in areas of grief and loss--for example, suicide, transitions in aging, the family developmental cycle and role identity.



·        We offer support groups to the community.



·        We will offer a group room for the community.



·        We will offer a center where people can come together and grieve.



·         We will offer board-approved supervision and paid internships.



We do work with out-of-network insurance carriers. Your mental health benefits are often reimbursable. We can provide you with the appropriate statements.



We require a 48-hour cancellation notice.


Dr. Yvonne Hart, Psy. D.
6887 West Charleston STE A
Las Vegas, NV  89117
PH:  702/580-4912